TAMMSEDI helps to minimize the time required to receive new product from vendors. With this tool, you will be able to automatically create purchase orders from multiple EDI vendors, such as Ingram and VPD.

When the vendor ships your order, they will generate an EDI document that is stored in your TAMMSOnline system. This document will list all items they shipped and the cost of each item. When you receive the items from the vendor, simply go into the receive batch screen and scan the shipping barcode of the first box in the shipment. This barcode triggers TAMMSOnline to auto-populate your batch screen with the EDI information that the vendor provided. At this point, you can either assume the vendor sent you everything you ordered and accept the batch, or you can scan the barcodes of each item in the box. If you scan each item, TAMMSOnline will check off each item to verify you did not get an under or over shipment.