Product Master

The Product Master allows you to control your inventory items and pricing from a central location. Using the product master, you can download your inventories to an Excel file. You can then modify this file and upload it back into the product master. You can then verify your changes and make any final changes in the product master. Once you are done, you can push your updates back down to the store level. Once the store gets the changes, TAMMSOnline will print new pricing labels for items that are in stock and need a new pricing sticker. This significantly reduces the time spent adjusting prices at the store level, and also serves as a form of inventory control. The store does not need to be closed for this push to take place. It will modify the pricing information and the next customer will get the newly adjusted pricing on their buy or sale.

The product master will also pull data from the stores. If a store buys an item that is not in the system, that information will be uploaded to the product master, where a person in the central office can make any changes needed to that item. That modified information will then be pushed to back down to all stores in the chain. This insures that all of your stores have the same information and pricing.

Also if you delete a item in the product master, it will verify that item has no stock or transaction history in any of the store locations. If there is stock or history, you will be alerted and prompted for a new SKU to merge the existing item into a different SKU. The old stock will then become a secondary SKU under the new stock’s primary SKU and it will merge the two’s quantity and cost of goods of the new SKU.