Credit Card & Check Processing

TAMMSOnline has the ability to capture credit card and check payment information by the operator keying in the data into the sales screen. We also support an automated process for this task.

We have partnered with Tempus Technologies, First Data Merchant Services, and Telecheck to bring you a secure, fast, and easy payment processing solution. Using a hardware device connected to your POS station, you can swipe any credit card and scan checks. This data is recorded in a PCI Compliant method. If the issuing bank will accept a digital image of the check, the system sends that information, and the funds are transferred just like a credit/debit transaction. You then give the check back to the customer for their records. The receipt will inform the POS clerk if they should keep the check for deposit or return it to the customer.

We go through an in-depth audit every 12 months to insure we are PCI compliant.

We are working with other merchants at this time to increase your choices.