The TAMMSOnline Report module allows the user to produce several reports on the operation and inventory levels within that store. In addition to the built in report section, a Flash-based Enterprise Back Office System will allow you to generate reports for all your stores, chain wide, and combine the data into single reports.

The TAMMSOnline system generates your reports in text or Adobe PDF output files. These reports can be printed to a local printer, emailed to the requested user, or sent to an email group that you define. Most of the reports can also be imported into Microsoft Excel.

The following is a brief list of the available reports. Please contact us for a more detailed list of reports.

  • End of Day Close Out (per station and per store)
  • Sales Detail
  • Sales By Hour
  • Sales Ranking
  • Sales Summary by Category
  • Sales Summary
  • Inventory Summary by Category
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Overstock
  • Inventory with labels (sub-categories)
  • Inventory Aging
  • Inventory Tracking (history of item)
  • Inventory Listing
  • Tax Summary
  • Purchase Detail
  • Purchase by Category
  • Transfer Summary
  • Batch Summary
  • Check Log
  • Buy Log
  • Current Rentals
  • Late Rentals