TAMMSOnline supports several different rental models. All rental can be done on your in house product, without assigning special rental-only items. TAMMSOnline can convert new items to used through the rental module while compensating for the change in cost.

  • New and Used items can be assigned different rental pricing
  • Items or categories can be excluded from rentals.
  • Late fees can be calculated by two methods, rental amount divided by rental period or a fixed fee per day. These fees are listed on the sales receipt along with the rental return date.
  • Using our new per day rental module will allow you to complete with the automated rental machines.
  • Link customers to a single account so family members can be tied to a single account.
  • Using our credit card interface, you can automatically perform product charge-offs on items that are not returned.
  • Define the maximum number of rentals a customer group can have out at one time
    across your entire chain.