Point of Sale (POS)

The TAMMSOnline Point of Sale (POS) module is designed for ease of use and speed. This module is used for all customer transactions. This includes buying, selling, and trading product, rentals, and returns.


  • Support multiple concurrent sales at one time that can be accessed from any station in the store.
  • Hold status – temporarily suspend a transaction, allowing the customer to go back onto the sales floor without preventing other customers from checkout. Also called a “claim check”.
  • Product Lookup by Primary/Secondary SKU, BIN location, or description.
  • New/Used condition is automatic when using our built in UPC pricing labels.
  • Support customer buys, sales, trades, rentals, and returns in a single transaction.
  • Automated promotional and coupon system to aid in a faster POS experience for the customer
  • Support for Buy Price Matrix, set default pricing, percent of value of current Amazon price or BRE Pricing.
  • We process multiple split-payments per transaction, Cash, Check, credit/debit-cards(with pin-number support), gift-cards and other. Check/Credit/debit/gift-cards can have up to 16 payments per type per transaction.
  • Notification of customer messages, past due rental items, account deactivation, or account balances.
  • Support for LeadsOnline automated upload of data.
  • Serial number tracking of items during buys, sales, and refunds. During refunds, TAMMS verifies the serial number against the one that was sold to catch fraudulent returns.