Inventory Control

The TAMMSOnline Inventory module uses the average cost of goods accounting method, which is the standard method used in the buy/sell/trade industry. Our system supports both taxable and non-taxable inventory items. It also supports items with unique serial numbers. This module will also allow you to flag items as non-inventory items so quantities and cost of goods will not be tracked.

In most inventory systems you are required to keep track of New and Used product using unique SKUs. In TAMMSOnline, we support the unique quantities and cost of goods for New, Used, Out on Rent New and Out on Rent Used items in a single inventory SKU. We also address the accounting concerns for renting a new item and converting it to a used product with correct costs upon return.

  • Inventory tracked by Primary SKU/UPC code (up to 16 digits).
  • Unlimited secondary SKU/UPC tied to a primary SKU/UPC.
  • Single inventory item tracks new, used, and rental inventory values.
  • Set maximum inventory levels to limit buys from customers and to automate store to store inventory leveling.
  • Inventory tracking of “Date Last Sold”, “Date Last Purchased” and “Oldest Item Onhand”
  • Track number of discs or items in a package.
  • Items can be set as inventory or non-inventory items.
  • Rolling 12 month on screen history of New and Used sales.

Physical Inventory

The TAMMSOnline Physical Inventory Module allows a store to perform a physical count of items. This count is done by scanning items into logical batches by using your POS scanner stations or a wireless scanning device. The inventory batches are processed by category allowing you to scan sections of your store and spreading your inventory process over a period of days. Once you have scanned the information you can adjust the scanned data by hand until you have it correct. Then with one press of a key your new inventory values are recorded, your cost of goods and average cost of goods are re-calculated and a log of these transactions are recorded so you can report or review them at any time. If you are using bins you cannot post and get an automated correction.

Accurate inventories are the foundation of a strong business. TAMMSOnline has a built in inventory manager that allows you to scan your inventory through the register. This method is great for smaller product lines, however, scanning an entire store would be a very daunting task. With an additional piece of software, TAMMSOnline is compatible with the Symbol P360 phaser scanner. This allows you to go out onto the sales floor and scan the product on the shelf, instead of bringing every single piece of product to the register. This method also allows you to use multiple inventory scanners at once, which means the inventory is completed at a much faster pace. The P360 scanner is compatible with Windows XP. We also offer detailed instructions on how to perform an inventory using these scanners.

Physical Inventory Scanner

If you are Windows 7 or Vista user, please contact us before purchasing any kind of physical inventory scanner.

We can accept specially formatted text files to replace the scanners. We also allow the scanning of merchandise at the register to replace the scan-guns, allowing use of the regular bar-code scanners