Retail Media

The Retail Store is defined as a brick and morter location that may or may not have an e-commerce website.

Using TAMMSOnline you will be able to maintain your current inventory in your store. Our system captures all information for New and Used products in your store. If you have multiple stores you can share a customer file so all information is captured in one location and all stores will see current customer data.

When a customer sells an item to your sales associate you can have the system make the offer based on a set price, a pricing matrix or a current value price based on a percentage of the asking price for the same item. During the buy process you can have TAMMSOnline print a special receipt that the customer signs and you keep. This receipt acts as a buy log, which when used with LeadsOnline, can upload buy information at the close of business to your local police departments. This saves administrative time when dealing with local laws and regulations regarding purchasing product from the public.

As products are purchased from customers and vendors, TAMMSOnline will add the costs of the items by the SKU and condition (new or used) into the average cost of goods bucket. This will automatically adjust the cost of goods in the inventory as more items are purchased, resulting in better profit margins as the inventory increases.

TAMMSOnline has a built in gift card system and an extra value system. The gift cards can use your custom design and are produced by Retail Software Solutions, Inc. The cards use standard barcodes, which means the register scanner is all you need to use them with TAMMSOnline. There are also no transaction fees on gift cards. In addition to gift cards, TAMMSOnline also offers an extra value system. This allows you to pay more for product if the customer will take the amount on an in store gift/trade card. This can either be done with a predetermined trade value or through a percentage of the purchase price. This encourages the customer to take the trade credit and spend it at your store, instead of taking the cash and walking away.

In addition to normal retail sales, the system has built in functionality which will allow you to do rentals. This can open a new revenue stream to your store. Please refer to the rental of this site for more info.