Rental Retail Store

TAMMSOnline has built in functionality to support rental of any product in your store. The system has a complete customer database, which can support an entire family through a single account. If you have multiple stores in your chain, this customer database can be shared across all locations.

The customer account code can be any number. Some of our clients use the customer’s drivers license and others have special customer membership cards printed or have some in stock. They can use the numbers on these cards as the customer number on file. We can also produce special membership cards based on your full color design.

Our system also supports a rating field in each inventory record. This can be completed by you or you can allow TAMMSOnline to pull the rating information from for your items. Our rating database allows you to define ages to the ratings. If an item is rented or purchased that requires a rating verification, the system will ask for the customers date of birth. If the customer doesn’t meet the age requirement, the system will not allow that item to be rented or sold.

Most rental systems require you to have a unique SKU on each item in the store. TAMMSOnline can use the standard UPC codes or the TAMMSOnline pricing stickers to identify each item. When the item is rented, the system will produce a rental label that is attached to the product, which include the due date and rental return location. During the return process, this special label will update the correct customer’s information and bring the item back into the store. Every rented item gets a unique rental label. This prevents confusion when the same title is returned by two different customers. When the item is returned, the rental label is removed and the item is ready to go back to the shelf.

TAMMSOnline also supports Per Day Rentals. This allows a customer to rent an item on a per day basis for as long as they would like, while the system keeps track of the number of days they have the item out. If it exceeds the price of the item (Retail Price / Per Day price = Max Days out) then TAMMSOnline will process the customers credit card for the entire retail price, send the customer an email with the receipt thanking them for their purchase, and adjusts your in store inventory. If the item is returned prior to the check out limit, this the system will automatically bill the customers credit card for their rental period.

TAMMSOnline can also apply rental fees to the purchase price. A customer can rent an item, decide they want to own it, then apply that fee to the total purchase price.