Pawn Brokers

While we don’t recommend TAMMSOnline as a replacement for your current POS system, it can be a powerful addition to your store. Many pawn shops are using TAMMSOnline to help identify pricing for items like DVDs, CDs, and video games and systems. TAMMSOnline can also identify some electronic equipment, such as ipods and cell phones.

In addition to pricing information, TAMMSOnline and the Advanced Shipping Manager can help you sell your products on

If you are wanting to just identify the correct price of items you are buying from customers we suggest you look into the TAMMSRemote product.

Finally, TAMMSOnline can streamline your legal reporting with LeadsOnline. This a free service that automatically reports your buying history to the local police, removing the paperwork of pawn cards.

Recently purchased merchandise can be transferred out of stock as a batch for the determine number of hold days, then easily batched back into stock.