Internet Sales

TAMMSOnline has built in support for pricing, uploading and selling on the internet via Our Advanced Shipping Manager application allows you to complete this process by supporting the packaging and shipping functions.

TAMMSOnline allows you to define where you want your product to show up on the first page of an listing. TAMMSOnlne will then set the online price of the item based on its location on the page. The settings can also control:

  • When to upload a product, based on age in inventory
  • Minimum on hand quantities before the item is uploaded (If quantity >2, upload to site)
  • Price floors, so that no item sells below a certain amount, either predefined price, percentage of retail price, or in relation to avg cost of goods

Using the TAMMSOnline BIN system will allow TAMMSOnline to assign a physical location for each item you have in your store/warehouse. When the item sells, the Amazon Shipping Manager will show you all locations where you have that physical item. This helps speed up the picking of your items sold on and helps with a level of organization with your inventory as you buy items in to sell. The BIN system is also helpful for Home Based Business users.

All Amazon processing is handled at our data center in Dallas, Texas. TAMMSOnline processes over 1.7 million items per week to