Home Based Business

Many people are looking for a way to start their own business. With TAMMSOnline and the Advanced Shipping Manager, you can make that dream a reality.

If you have a DVD store it is easy to get started with selling items on amazon. You already have the inventory in your store and customers will bring more to you. But Home Based business don’t have this advantage, which is why we created the TAMMSRemote software.

The TAMMSRemote software runs on many laptops and smart phones. It allows a person to scan (using an attached laser or bluetooth scanner) or key in UPC barcodes and return information to assist you in your purchasing decisions.

TAMMSRemote will return an image of the item, the number of these items, both new and used, that are for sale on Amazon.com, and the current new and used sale prices. It will also return the current Amazon Sales Ranking, which tells you how fast previous items have sold on Amazon.com.

Armed with this information, you can travel to retail stores, pawn shops and garage sales to capture the product you need to sell in your Amazon.com store.

We have many TAMMSOnline clients that use this as a way to break free from their current jobs!