Our New Premier Point of Sale Product – CigarCzarPOS

We are pleased to announce our latest point of sale application called CigarCzarPOS.  This new system is the premier retail point of sale application for the cigar retail/lounge industry.  It provides all of the necessary tools needed to run your retail cigar business.  We have utilized our already proven technology and functionality from our long-standing and dependable TAMMS application to develop this new product.

Here are just a few of the things this system can do for you:

  • Complete Inventory System and Tracking Capabilities
  • Complete Customer and Data Security
  • Complete Reporting Package
  • Custom Gift Card Creation
  • Helpdesk Support 24/7/365
  • Built for today’s hardware platforms
  • Internet based application also known as SaaS (Software as a Service) for flexibility
  • Lounge and Locker Memberships
  • Customer Rewards Program

For more details on the above items and much more, please visit CigarCzarPOS

Free Demo and Pricing

For pricing or to schedule a free demonstration of this cutting-edge product please contact us in one of the following ways.  We will be happy to set up a day and time that fits your schedule to present this product to you via a webinar.

  • Visit our website at CigarCzarPOS and submit a request via our Contact Us page
  • Call us at 1-866-973-1527 x122
  • Email us at info@cigarczarpos.com
  • Retail Software Solutions, Inc.
    3400 Silverstone Drive
    Suite 183
    Plano, TX 75023

Several Ways to Use Gift Cards

Did You Know — Gift Cards

Gift cards give a professional image to your customers. You can have the gift cards imprinted with your company logo or use our generic gift cards. The cards are full color on the front with your unique design logo/image and on the back are your rules/disclaimer and a barcode.  These cards can be used in many different ways to meet your customer needs and help increase your sales. Here are a few ways to accomplish this.

  • USE THEM FOR REFUNDS – You may place any customer refund credits on your gift cards and this will provide a convenient means for your customer to use their store credit, while keeping the money in your store
  • USE THEM FOR BUYS – Any purchases you make from the customer can be paid to them in either cash or placed on a gift card. You can inform the customer that by placing their funds on a gift card, you can offer them a higher purchase price of their product(s). In other words, you might have a store policy to pay an additional 10% for the customer product(s), if they place their proceeds on a gift card. This ensures that this gift card will be re-deemed in store
  • USE THEM FOR SECURE PAYMENT OVER THE PHONE – For items you may not have, but another store does have in stock and the customer cannot physically go to the store to pick it up and the customer is going to use a credit to make the purchase. You might allow the customer to purchase a gift card at your store and then you can call the other store and use the gift card number to make the purchase over the phone and the product will be delivered to your store where the customer can pick it up at a later date
  • USE THEM FOR PRE-BUY’S — For a New Release where the product SKU and pricing is available and you have a pre-buy category already setup, you may utilize the gift card system to generate a gift card number on the fly and this will be printed on the customers receipt. When the products arrive, the customer will bring in their receipt and the barcode will be scanned and the amount will be applied to the purchase of the newly released item.

For more information on ordering gift cards, please submit your request via our Contact Us page.